Stable Diffusion integration coming soon

We are proud to announce you that Stable Diffusion will soon be integrated in NeoAngelo. Stable Diffusion allows for generating illustrations using nothing more than text prompts. We are already preparing the grounds for NeoAngelo to be able to generate such images inside the conversational flow on-demand as well as automatically on some conditions, like in real-time while the chatbot speech is reading its reply, creating an even superior experience thanks to visuals appearing at the right moments during the narration, just like this simulated final result shows:

Right now, users can use ChatGPT or OpenAI in order to create text prompts that can be used in such Ai image generation tools (like for Stable Diffusion, MidJourney, Dall-e 2, and many more now), but they must quit ChatGPT and use another tool in order to actually use those created text prompts and create images. After, they must use a text-to-speech software like to generate audio, and sometimes also a presenter avatar, and another video editing software to put everything together.

NeoAngelo will be able to create a similar result without the need for the user to ever quit the conversation.

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